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70 Ways to Thrive at Work
Easy ways to develop your motivation, resilience, leadership skills and help you achieve more goals. Discover what the most successful people do. It’s all in 70 bite-sized chunks.
Keep Moving: Flexibility as We Return to Work
This Expert Talk is about accepting the situation as true; accept there are new procedures, value becoming a survivor, ensure we think critically and that can give us cognitive flexibility.
Employee Engagement and Performance Management
Engagement drives improvement and innovation, yet only 20% of the global workforce has it. To sustain engagement, this book offers the reader the concepts of ICE time and Co-created Vision.
Keep Moving: How to Shine During Uncertain Times
This Expert Talk shares eight tips that will set you up for success, get you focused on what “shining” means for you, and start you moving on the path to achieve your goals.
Keep Moving: Thrive in Change
Change can feel threatening and destabilizing. Our natural reaction is to move into survival mode and focus on the negative. However, we can choose to thrive in change. Learn how in this talk.
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50 Ways to be more creative at work  
Keep Moving: Creativity and Innovation 
Creativity at Work 
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