Deana Morris 15-9-2015Inside UoB is replacing the All-staff Weekly Bulletin with which you are more familiar.

Firstly, I’d like to thank everyone who contributed to the weekly bulletin research project in September. We had a really positive response and we have incorporated many of your ideas into this new-look news service for staff.

There will be more developments – we have plans for new features such as downloadable podcasts and videos from major events – and they will be introduced in the coming months.

Inside UoB is all about sharing news of interest to staff and there is an equivalent edition being developed for external stakeholders. There will, of course, be news stories in common – for example, they will both have videos from special events – but Inside UoB is really all about our community.

Inside UoB will, of course, feel very new and different so I’m just going to point out a few features.

  • LATEST NEWS is up on the left hand side. Wen you click on this, you’re on Inside UoB’s homepage.
  • CATEGORIES is where you’ll find most-used news items, such as HR Latest.
  • SEARCH FACILITY is useful if you’re looking for a particular news item.
  • ARCHIVE will help you catch up on previous issues if you’ve been away from University.

Now, finally, a few ‘thank yous’ – to Dan and Brett from our team, for giving us the design and operational aspects of Inside UoB, Antony Nikrooz and the Systems team for everything they have done get us to where we are now.

We hope you enjoy Inside UoB and we of course welcome constructive feedback. Thank you.

Deana Morris

Internal Communications Manager

Directorate of Institutional Advancement






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