At the end of March the University published its Gender Pay Gap Report. This new report has now to be published on an annual basis as part of new compulsory reporting by larger employers across the UK.

Although the evident gender pay gap at the University is lower than the UK-wide average published by the Office of National Statistics and at some other HEIs the report not only sets out the required information and some reasons for the gap but also proportionate measures the University is taking to tackle the gender pay gap locally.

Here at Bolton we have a long tradition of equality, diversity and inclusion. Although with our job evaluation system staff receive equal pay for work of equal value the report shows we do have a gender pay gap – due to women being underrepresented in certain higher occupational roles and women being concentrated in some roles in the lower grades. The University is committed to take appropriate steps to close the gap” explained Chris McClelland, HR Director.

To read the Gender Pay Gap Report please follow the link below:

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