Improving sustainability was the aim and even tastier food was the gain! It may seem odd that something as simple as growing some herbs can help with sustainability and reducing carbon emissions, but it really can, and has. From the ground up (quite literally) sustainable measures were implemented, starting with soil selection that was completely made of organic material and free of peat, as peatlands need protecting. Following this, all plants were sourced from a local nursery to reduce the carbon footprint from transportation and were planted in planters made on-site out of materials found in the bin yard.

This upcycling meant that no new materials had to be made, shipped or transported in any way to ensure the process was as sustainable as possible. The Bistro now utilise the garden to retrieve fresh herbs every morning that end up in meals by lunchtime. As herbs are necessary for making food taste so great, having them right on our doorstep, means they no longer have to be ordered from places much further away and in plastic packaging. We have broken this cycle, reduced our carbon footprint and also provided a location that encourages biodiversity and pollinators!

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