The Research Degree Supervision Module (EDM7100) will run again in Semester 2 starting on January 10th 2018. This module will be delivered over three days with a mixture of face to face and online lectures/workshops between the 10th to the 12th January 2018. The workshops and lectures will run between 10.00am to 4.30pm for each of the three days in rooms M2-11 and T4-002. This is to allow more staff to attend the module before undergraduate and postgraduate teaching begins. One-hour independent study time is then required from candidates each week throughout Semester 2 for time on a coursework assignment and in the role of a PhD Supervisor. The assignment will be submitted toward the end of Semester 2 in May 2018.

The module content and structure is available in Moodle here:

This is a standalone module that is run as part of the MEd Professional Development (Education subject group) and can be taken as Continued Professional Development (CPD). The purpose of this accredited module is to prepare candidates to undertake the role of a supervisor for a research degree student. This module is mandatory for: new academic staff and academic staff at the University of Bolton that do not have a PhD and/or those that do have a PhD but who do not have previous supervisory experience. Completion of this module will enable staff to supervise research degree students as the Director of Studies, with an experienced second supervisor. Research supervisors with some experience willing to revisit best practices are also advised to take this module.

It is intended that this module will enhance, 1) the growth and provision of postgraduate doctorate students at the University of Bolton across all disciplines and, 2) staff skills and expertise in research degree student supervision. This module will assist candidates in critically reflecting on the skills, attributes and characteristics of research degree supervisors and the role of the supervisor in the lifecycle of a postgraduate research student. Candidates will consider the regulations, code of practice, quality assurance procedures and the level of learning and research that is required for a research degree qualification.

Successful completion of this module will equate to one PhD student completion for academic staff at the University of Bolton, as recorded in the Research and Graduate School. This module can also be recorded as a CPD activity as part of a member of staff’s Performance Review with their Line Manager.

Dr Denis Hyams-Ssekasi, Lecturer in Business and Management in the Business School, stated the following about the module.
“The module content was very interesting and enjoyable. I would recommend this Module to anyone who is interested in supervising PhDs.”

To enrol, candidates will need to:
1) Email the module tutor, Dr Angela Tinwell, () to state that they wish to undertake this module;
2) Seek permission from their Dean of Faculty/Head of School;
3) Complete a University of Bolton online enrolment form.

The University of Bolton online application form for this module is here:

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