As part of the UK Government’s strategy to reduce terrorism, the Counter-Terrorism and Security Act 2015 introduced new measures aimed at countering the risk of terrorism and radicalisation. Under the Act, the University has to show ‘due regard to the need to prevent people from being drawn into terrorism’. As a result, and in common with all HEIs, the University is obliged to engage with the Government’s Prevent strategy and to take a range of steps in order to meet this duty.

The University has an important role in challenging extremist views and ideologies whilst at the same time protecting of academic freedom and promotion of free speech. As a diverse HEI preventing people from being drawn into terrorism is in keeping with our equality agenda and also with our concern for student and employee wellbeing. Our approach has been to take measured and proportionate steps to meet the requirements of the legislation by establishing a working group, identifying risks and developing an action plan.

The Executive Board and Board of Governors have approved a new Prevent Policy and this important policy is available via

Following a review where it has been practicable to do so we have incorporated the new Prevent Duty as part of our existing policies and procedures – documents being updated are listed below and can be accessed via;

  • Code of Practice Relating to Freedom of Speech and Planned Events Off Campus
  • Code of Practice Relating to Freedom of Speech and Meetings on University Premises
  • Internet Security Policy
  • University of Bolton Safeguarding Policy and Procedures: Children and Vulnerable Adults (available shortly)
  • Staff Disciplinary Procedure (also available via the HR A-Z)

All employees are asked to familiarise themselves with these updated documents.

We have also developed an online awareness training course for employees to complete on Moodle. We would now like all employees at the University to complete this important online training – which should take you no more than 30 minutes – ideally by Tuesday 5 April 2016. The training can be accessed via the link below:


Chris McClelland
HR Director
Human Resources (Z3-046, Services and Administration Centre)






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