The transformation of BISSTO into LEAP Online will be live by September 2017. The expanded content will contribute to students’ academic and personal development.

Sections will include My Student Engagement, My Academic Development, My Digital Literacy, and My Personal Development. The content will contain activities and assessments for students to complete and work towards digital badges.  The badges will be awarded for assessments located in Moodle and will enable students to demonstrate their engagement with LEAP Online and will allow tutors to track progress via students’ Moodle profile.

This is already available for the Maths and English section in Essential Skills. Ultimately, there will be levels of progression in each section providing content to support students in their learning journey. The content will be ideally suited to support the delivery of skills, scholarship and employability modules.

Further information will be given in information sessions held after Easter. If you have any queries, ideas or would like to contribute content, please content Mary Barden or Dawn Grundy.

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