Visual Effects (VFX) graduates from the University of Bolton are at the forefront of the industry after a wave of recruitment this summer.

Alumni from the University are now working on blockbuster films across the world at six different Academy Award winning studios joining their fellow graduates from the course previous years.

The UK has the largest concentration of Visual Effects studios in the world, meaning a large chunk of the amazing visual effects you see at the cinema has been created on UK shores.

Former students are now working on hit films such as Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, The Jungle Book, Captain America: Civil War, The BFG and Star Wars: Episode VIII at studios including three time Oscar winners Double Negative and 15 time Oscar winners Industrial Light & Magic. Many of this year’s graduates have already gained employment at the big London Visual Effects studios, with some even receiving job offers before they had completed their studies.


As a result, graduates from our course are now working in a number of studios including five Oscar winning Visual Effects studios in London as well as multiple Oscar winners Weta Digital in New Zealand. Staff at the University work closely with the industry to ensure that students receive the right skills to enter the fast-paced sector. They also bring in guest speakers from the Visual Effects industry including the big London VFX Studios.

Students even have the opportunity to undertake a project set by industry and get the chance to present and get feedback on their work from some of these OSCAR winning studios during the annual Visual Effects trip to London.

Below is a list of the studios our graduates work at along with their awards and links to their websites.

The University is immensely proud of our graduates and what they have achieved in the VFX industry. We look forward to adding even more names to our ‘Hall of Fame’ in the future.

  • Double Negative – 3 time OSCAR winners for Best Visual Effects for the films Ex Machina (2016), Interstellar (2014) and Inception (2010).


  • Framestore – OSCAR winner for Gravity (2014).


  • Industrial Light & Magic (ILM) – known notably for the Star Wars franchise are 15 times OSCAR winners (yes, 15!).


  • MPC – OSCAR for Best Visual Effects for Life of Pi (2012)


  • The Mill – OSCAR for Best Visual Effects for Gladiator (2001)

  • Weta Digital – 6 time Oscar Winners (5 for Best VFX) Avatar (2010), King Kong (2006), and 3 OSCARS for Best VFX for the Lord of the Rings Franchise.

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