The Journal of Learning and Student Experience (JOLASE), a new peer-reviewed journal, aims to help teachers, students, managers and researchers to disseminate their ideas, opinions, research and work on learning and the student experience in further and higher education. JOLASE is an open access journal, and is hosted by the University of Bolton.  We welcome contributions from new and established authors, and students.

The journal publishes:

  1. editorials
  2. research articles
  3. literature review articles
  4. practitioner research / case studies
  5. features
  6. lessons from the front line
  7. opinion pieces
  8. the student experience
  9. workshop and conference abstracts
  10. conference reviews
  11. book reviews.

Examples of themes which fall within the scope of the journal are: teaching and learning, assessment, student engagement, the curriculum, employability, technology-enhanced learning, students as researchers, student transition, GRIT, resilience, peer mentoring, personal tutoring, and academic support for students.

If you would like to:

Deadline: Monday 1 May 2017

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