Currently showing at the impressive neo: gallery23 situated in the award-winning Market Place Shopping Centre, STANDARD is an exciting contemporary art exhibition featuring the work of alumni of the University of Bolton, some of whom are current members of staff. The exhibition explores to what extent the gallery format can deliver reactionary observations whilst simultaneously taking the long view. It poses the question, ‘What is the place of the artist, is it to intervene or observe?’


The show, which was recently included in the Manifest Arts Festival 2017 trail, comprises a wide range of contemporary artworks by Marc Heaton, Denis Whiteside, Alison Timmins, and Andy Smith. These four artists proposed and curated the exhibition which also includes invited guest artists, Liam Ainscough, Rob Gittins, John Wineyard, Jane Lawson and Paderborn, German artists Elmar Brinkmöller and Martin Veit.


Covering a variety of political and social topics, the exhibition results in a spectrum of bold and oblique responses to the relentless struggle for power. At another level, it also further develops the relationship between the School of the Arts Fine Art Department and industry partner neo:artists who, throughout the year, organise and deliver a dynamic exhibition programme in the gallery.


Sam Johnson, Head of School of the Arts said,


‘This exhibition is another fantastic example of the ground-breaking collaborative partnership between neo:artists, graduate alumni and staff of the University of Bolton. The work on show ranges from the provocative to the uplifting, from the exciting to the exquisite – and the gallery space presents each piece to excellent effect. STANDARD reflects the demonstrable value of bringing experienced practitioners and new talent together – and this will certainly continue to be a key objective for the developing neo: and University partnership’.

neo:gallery23 is open to the public on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 11.00 am to 5.00 pm and the exhibition runs until the 6th August.

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