Tim Ward, Retired Lecturer, University of BoltonHi all,

Just a quick note to thank colleagues for their support and help during my time at Bolton. Many thanks also for the leaving present and card.

I have seen many changes in my 33 (yes, 33!) years at the institution. Some of the changes were physical, some procedural and some related to people. In all that, I have been lucky to be surrounded by folks who generally and genuinely went out of their way to help me and other people in carrying out the sometimes-difficult job.

My daughter once asked me how I’d managed to do the same job for 25 years.  My response was that it was not always the same job, just the same employer.  I have to say that overall I enjoyed the many roles I had at Bolton, for though it was somewhat challenging, it was always made easier with the help of colleagues.

Now I’m off, retired.  To quote a fellow retiree from a few years back, “I shall not miss the job, but I shall miss the people.”

Once again, many thanks to everyone for your support and friendship.


Tim Ward.

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