Lecture Theatre, University of BoltonWe are now in the 4th year of the LEAP Ahead questionnaire. LEAP Ahead helps us identify students who are “at risk” of attrition, poor academic attainment, students who may be socially isolated and students showing academic promise.

All enrolled FT and PT students on HE3/HE4 programmes will complete the LEAP Ahead questionnaire and the numeracy quiz where appropriate. The action plan will be available to all tutors via PULSE within hours of students submitting the questionnaire. Students will automatically be e-mailed a copy after tutors review the Action Plan.


The new #UniAsItShouldBe bursary will see eligible students receiving up to £150 per year of their studies to spend on course textbooks and resources. The LEAP Ahead questionnaire is one of the triggers for students receiving the second part of their first year bursary. When students have completed 15 LEAP badges, they will receive the final part of their first-year bursary.

More information available online. Alternatively, e-mail Jack Lofthouse at ku.ca1576391691.notl1576391691ob@es1576391691uohfo1576391691l.J1576391691.

Accessing LEAP Ahead

Students are enrolled automatically onto the LEAP Ahead 2019 Moodle page once they are enrolled onto their course. The page contains an introductory video, the LEAP questionnaire and programme specific numeracy quizzes.

Students progressing onto HE4 from HE3 will be enrolled onto this year’s LEAP Ahead programme. Please encourage students to complete the survey even if they have already done so in previous years. This will enable us to update their action plans and identify any further required interventions.

LEAP Forward

We have set up a staff Moodle resource called LEAP Forward. Here you can find the staff briefing document, which contains an overview of the LEAP Ahead process, the video that you can add to your Moodle page and supporting information for academic tutoring. This resource will be updated through the academic tutoring cycle.

The enrolment key for LEAP Forward is: uob_leap

Further Information
If you require any further information or have ideas for resources, please contact Brennan Tighe on ku.ca1576391691.notl1576391691ob@eh1576391691git.b1576391691 or visit The Hub to speak directly.

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