The university has some limited funding under the EU Erasmus Scheme for the following activities:

  • Student study abroad (minimum one semester / 3 months)
  • Student overseas traineeship (minimum 2 months)
  • Staff Teaching Exchange (minimum 2 days /8 hours teaching)
  • Staff Training (minimum 2 days)

Eligible countries are within the EU and in many cases classes are available in English. The funds per person that can be granted are set by the EU based on location, distance etc and unfortunately for students these are in many cases a contribution to the additional costs that would be incurred rather than covering the full cost (particularly relevant for paid traineeships). For most universities the closing dates for Semester 1 2019/20 is May.

Please could you promote the opportunities within your classes (in most cases the overseas experience is best taken during second year / HE4). Application forms are on the university Erasmus Website

Please note that unfortunately staff mobilities cannot be used to fund attendance at conferences (academic or otherwise).

For all enquiries in the first instance please contact your subject Erasmus co-ordinator who can provide more advice.

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