The shortlists for the 2019 Jenkinson Prizes have been announced this week ahead of the Jenkinson Awards evening which takes place in the SLZ at the University on 13 December from 18:00.

The full shortlists for the three categories of the Prizes are as follows

Outstanding Early Career Researcher of the Year

  • Chathurika Kannangara (Psychology)
  • Sam Spence (Law)
  • Ben Wilkinson (English & Creative Writing)

Outstanding Research Team of the Year

  • Bolton HEFCE Catalyst Project Team (Education & Psychology)
  • The Fire Materials Research Group (IMRI/Engineering)
  • The Kaleidoscope Textiles History Team (School of Arts)

Outstanding Research Publication of the Year

  • Kannangara, C. S., Allen, R. E., Waugh, G., Nahar, N., Khan, S. Z. N., Rogerson, S., & Carson, J. (2018). All that glitters is not grit: Three studies of grit in university students. Frontiers in Psychology (Education & Psychology)
  • Mahal DG and Matsoukas IG (2017) Y-STR Haplogroup Diversity in the Jat Population Reveals Several Different Ancient Origins. Frontiers in Genetics 8:121. (Sport and Biomedical Sciences)
  • Narasimulu, A. A., Zhao, P., Soin, N., Prashanthi, K., Ding, P., Chen, J., Li, C, Zhoua, E Montemagnob, C D & Luo, J. (2017). Significant triboelectric enhancement using interfacial piezoelectric ZnO nanosheet layer. Nano Energy, 40, 471-480. (IMRI/Engineering)
  • Prescott, J., Hanley, T., & Ujhelyi, K. (2017). Peer communication in online mental health forums for young people: Directional and nondirectional support. JMIR Mental Health, 4(3), e29. (Psychology)
  • Snape, R (2018) Leisure, Voluntary Action and Social Change in Britain 1880-1939, London: Bloomsbury Academic. (School of the Arts)

Assistant Vice-Chancellor, Professor Patrick McGhee Chair of the Jenkinson Panel, emphasised how the shortlists showed the diversity and strength of research at the University. “Despite the challenging criteria of both internationally-recognised research quality and making a contribution to the student experience through the TIRI framework, we had a very high number of strong applications which made the job of the Panel very difficult indeed.”

The winners will be revealed at the Annual Jenkinson Awards Evening on 13 December 2018.  The Research Awards to pump-prime future research were announced earlier this year and will also be presented at the Awards Evening (see full list below).

To book a place please email ku.ca1590952988.notl1590952988ob@re1590952988tsof.1590952988p1590952988.

Jenkinson 2019 Research Awards

Principal Investigator Title of Project School
Samantha Spence Witchcraft and Human Rights: From Horror to Hope Law
Richard Horrocks The creation of a live North West textile industrial history resource linked to Worktown Engineering
Robert Snape A Festival of Worktown Sport & Biomedical Sciences
Jack Luo Flexible wireless multi-sensor chip for investigating effect obstructive sleeping apnoea on cardiovascular disease and hypertension Engineering
Mohammad Sanami Preventing or minimising tissue damage during minimally invasive surgery by redesigning the surgical graspers jaw Engineering
Jerome Carson Developing a REF2021 Case Study on Happiness. Education & Psychology
Anika Leslie-Walker Evolving and Sustaining the Participation of African Female Students Sport & Biomedical Sciences
Chathurika Kannangara ProGRAD : Professional discussions as a learning tool for promoting employability skills in undergraduate students Psychology
Brid Andrews Finding a Voice: presentation skills for global learners Arts
Chan See Design and Development of miniaturised antennas for implantable wireless devices and Internet of Things Engineering
Richard Jagger EEG and the early detection of Alzheimer’s disease Education & Psychology
Lynn Clark CAMP-To : Towards a Culturally Appropriate Model of Personal Tutoring: A Focus on sub-Saharan African Collaborative Transnational Education Partnerships (Masters programmes) Off Campus Division
Nikolaos Poulis Cytotoxicity of dental ceramic materials and related surface treatments Health & Wellbeing
Evan Jones Whitman 200 Arts
Carol Brown The Cavell Project: Exploring the relationship between staff engagement and key performance in the NHS Institute of Management

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