Staff from the University of Bolton and Bolton College attended an event to commemorate the joining together of the university and the college from 1 August 2018.

Senior management from both intuitions outlined the reasoning behind the unification, the benefits and future ahead.

Professor George Holmes, President and Vice-Chancellor hosted the gathering and he said the process had been long and hard, but that it had been done for all the right reasons; to provide the best possible future for both institutions and give students the best possible learning experience.

The Vice-Chancellor told staff: “The merger provides the opportunity for staff to work on a much bigger canvas and we want you to encourage the students to raise their aspirations. Let’s help them to achieve their potential.”

The Earl of St Andrews, Chancellor of the University of Bolton, said via video: “This is an historic moment in our organisations’ history, bringing the University and the college back together after they went their separate ways in 1982.”

He said that the joining together would provide important synergies for the two thriving educational establishments.

“The university will remain a university; the college, a college. Both organisations will continue to focus on teaching excellence. This is an important moment in our shared history.”

Andy Roberts, Chairman of Governors of Bolton College said that the university and the college shared a similar ethos of wider participation, were both student focused, quality driven and with a similar vision.

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