12:30 – 2:00 on Friday 8th December in Room D2-20

Facilitated by Dr Brian Williamson

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The aim of the forums would be to introduce Living Educational Theory as a research methodology and to explore its potential for the group though open living discussion, living journal club, virtual visits to the Educational Journal of Living Theories website (https://ejolts.net/ ), discussions on the open review process, living doctorial theses and inviting external guests.

‘The significance of ‘I’ existing as a living contradiction in such enquiries is considered and other epistemological issues related to values, validity and generalisability are discussed from the living perspective. The process of gaining academic legitimation for a living form of theory is examined in terms of the politics of truth within our Institutions of Higher Education. Have you ever made a claim to know your own educational development and subjected the claim to public criticism? If you have, what does such a claim to educational knowledge look like?’ Jack Whitehead (1989, page 41).

Living educational theories are diverse and interesting, for example, they are: ‘Who am I Who Teaches? ‘**‘Thinking, Fast and Slow’ **‘Supporting collaboration in my Work Place through the Use of Moodle’** ‘A Journey in Learning; my Reflective Account’** ‘Our Understanding of Mutuality When Reflecting on our Values and Experience of Caring’**‘A Five-Cycle Living Visual Taxonomy of Learning Interactions’

*Jack Whitehead (1989), CREATING A LIVING EDUCATIONAL THEORY FROM QUESTIONS OF THE KIND, ‘HOW DO I IMPROVE MY PRACTICE? Cambridge Journal of Education, Vol. 19, No.1, 1989, pp. 41-52

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