The Assistant Practitioner Apprenticeship at the University of Bolton offers a unique experience in combining theory with practice where study at the University complements the learning that takes place in the workplace. This enables apprentices to develop the core skills, knowledge and values/behaviours to become an Assistant Practitioner.

Assistant Practitioners work as part of the wider health and social care team and have direct contact with patients, service users or clients providing high quality and compassionate care. Assistant Practitioner is a job title applied to a very wide variety of roles that have been developed locally by employers to meet individual service need.

Assistant Practitioners can be found working in a range of areas within health and social care such as Acute, Social Care Services, Community, Physiotherapy, Mental Health, GP Practices, Hospice Care, Genito-Urinary Medicine, Orthopaedics, Occupational Therapy, Cancer Services, Learning Disabilities as well as hybrid roles that cross traditional occupational areas. Assistant Practitioners will therefore develop additional skills and knowledge based on their employer’s requirements depending on the clinical or professional area within which they are working.

Through completion of this apprenticeship, students will gain:

New skills and knowledge to carry out more focused and challenging roles in their chosen area of practice.

Practice experience and evidence of assessed competency in the workplace.

Transferable skills and preparation to take on more demanding roles within health and social care delivery

Benefits to employers:

For employers, it provides the opportunity to develop and retain current staff as well as bring in new talent. Because apprentices study flexibly alongside work, they will put their newly acquired knowledge and skills into practice immediately, for the positive benefit of patients, service users and clients.

Increase staff retention by offering career progression to valued support staff.

Maximise use of the apprenticeship levy and embed apprenticeships in workforce planning and service transformation.

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