With A level results recently arriving on Thursday 17th August, ‘Clearing’ time has been in full swing here at the University of Bolton for the past two days. Many students who have missed their anticipated grades are anxiously searching for a place to continue their studies, and this year is proving to be the most challenging yet for universities to match their vacancies with demand.

‘This is the most competitive year ever for Clearing. We are seeing all of the Russell Group universities entering Clearing this year and all universities competing strongly for students,’

Paul Starkey, Director of Student Recruitment and Admissions commented.

‘At the University of Bolton, Clearing is a big operation and is critical to us hitting our targets. This year we will be making every effort to meet demand over the coming weeks. As we always do, we will go the extra mile!’

With many economic and political factors affecting the quantity of student applications, universities have recently seen growing numbers entering clearing, with over 64,000 students finding their university place this way last year. Clearing offers them a chance to find a full time undergraduate course from September, but it’s not only those who get worse than expected exam results who use the system. Some students only decide to apply to university at the last minute or actually get better exam results than expected and these, in addition to those who just change their mind about the course they want to study, can all use the clearing system.

The University of Bolton website home page has been specifically re-designed to help students navigate Clearing during this period. The online list of available subjects is updated regularly and answers to student enquiries are given digitally as well as by the busy teams on the telephones.

Two members of staff in the clearing room, Jane Donnellan and Molly Francis, had this to say about the proceedings,

‘There is a calm atmosphere in the room today but a good buzz and good energy. Everyone is supporting each other and there’s a great team spirit.’

All staff involved with Clearing have worked tremendously hard during this crucial time and their contribution to the overall success of recruitment at the University of Bolton deserves full recognition.

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