Degree Congregation Ceremonies

Graduation 2016 Sward


Over the past week there has been a huge amount of coverage from our local media on the success of our graduating students, celebrating at Degree Congregation ceremonies this year, but especially in The Bolton News who gave us great coverage in the newspaper and online.


Ali and SamerOn Facebook we have albums of photographs of the celebrations, if you want to share or download pictures. Here students have been commenting on and sharing their pictures and stories. Without doubt, our most popular story over graduation was that of Iraq-born brothers Ali and Samer Al-Azari. Our Facebook post on their story has so far reached more than 12,000 people, being shared 41 times, generating 59 comments with 451 likes. Of these, 27 were ‘love’. Our graduation photo album comes in a close second with 29 shares.





Success for Accountancy students at PWC Masterclass event

University of Bolton Accountancy students found their skills add up to a first place position in the PricewaterhouseCoopers’ Masterclass Event challenge.

Students from North West colleges and universities took part in the recent day-long event of workshops and knowledge tests which had the undergraduates focus on three separate challenges. The students’ success was featured on the University website and on The Bolton News website.



The man with no-one to mourn him

Dr Rebecca Nowland, from our Psychology team, who has studied the impact of loneliness in Britain, has been quoted on the subject in the BBC’s online magazine this week, commenting in an article abouyt notes that older people ‘can get forgotten’.

‘I think this is partly due to our modern lifestyle. We are so busy now and don’t have the cross-generational connections we used to have,’ she told the BBC.

She thinks the reason people feel deeply uncomfortable about the idea of a “lonely funeral” is because – rightly or wrongly – we often judge our own worth by our value to others.

‘As a social species recognition by others is important to us: it is something we seek out and crave. We value other people’s opinions of us greatly as it helps us to feel connected to others. In addition, the absence of this or the rejection by other people is a very uncomfortable state to be in.’

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