Our Pro Vice Chancellor, Baroness Warsi, joined staff and students this week in her new role at the institution.

She will be part of the team that oversees the strategic vision setting for the University.

One of her first stops was to see our University’s award-winning nursing courses.

Baroness Warsi in the CSS 2

Last year the University and Lancashire Teaching Hospital Foundation Trust developed the first undergraduate nursing degree course in the country not funded by Health Education England.

The innovative course was designed to develop more nurses for the future and has already proved to be an overwhelming success extending its partnerships to also include Bolton NHS Trust and Central Manchester Foundation NHS Trust.

‘Nursing is such a success story,’ said Baroness Warsi.

‘Now you see the solution, you think why didn’t we ask this question years ago, to open up the market to allow people access to nursing at a time when the country needs more nurses. To do it in a way which allows them to learn in smaller classes with hand-on experience is such a fantastic opportunity.’

Baroness Warsi in the CSS

Baroness Warsi identified social mobility as a key University strategic target.

‘Lots of people who attend the University of Bolton come from a very similar background to myself.

‘I want to see this university do everything it can to make sure that the social mobility story, that I’ve been privileged to be the product of, is repeated over and over again.

‘It’s not so much about who we take in, it’s about what we turn them into and how does the University add value in that.

‘How do we make sure we turn out more graduates who don’t just have degrees but great career paths and great jobs at the end of it?

‘It’s great to say it’s just a superb learning experience – but actually for people who are from a background like me – University isn’t just a great learning experience, it’s a route to a better life.

‘We need to be able to show people that there is a better life at the end of it and that’s why there is added value in coming to Bolton.

‘Today has allowed me to gain an understanding of what has worked, what further could be done, people’s aspirations and priorities, making sure the strategic vision that has been set encompasses that.’







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