Dear Colleague


The Assistant Vice Chancellor (Academic) wishes me to request your co-operation and compliance with a forthcoming royalties data collection of copyright material which is being photocopied or re-used in the University.

The licence fee paid by this University is held by the CLA until indications of copying, or re-use, enable appropriate payments to be made to the rights holders. This exercise helps to complete the cycle and reward the authors, publishers and visual creators accordingly. This is not an audit.

There are no cost implications for copying of copyright material and published staff may be potential beneficiaries.



The exercise captures re-use data from copyright publications such as books, journals, magazines or extracts thereof.  Copyright content transcribed from a hard copy publication or online source and used in a presentation with supporting handout, but not scanned to the VLE, should also be captured by providing a paper copy of the slide(s) in question. Paper printouts from digital material made under the CLA licence are subject to the same terms and conditions as a photocopy and should be included in the Data Collection.  Copies of copies are included as are open resources and material from hybrid publications (where a mix of copyright and open access content is included, particularly in journals).



The capture of course packs or compilations of extracts from the entire University, for use next term, commences henceforth. (Course packs may also be known as reader packs, lecture notes etc.) Accordingly, CLA requests a full replica copy of any such packs which may contain copyright material. Previously copied packs which are accessible should be included.

The exercise to collect day to day photocopying will be conducted by the Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA) from 18 January until the 26 of February 2016.


Responsibility and Participating Areas

It is the responsibility of each academic member of staff or anyone copying on their behalf (but not Reprographics staff) to ensure that day to day photocopying is reported as below and an extra copy of a course pack is made available for collection. This applies to photocopying within Reprographics, the Library or within a School.


The CLA wishes to capture data from:

  • Academic Schools

o   Business (includes Centre of Islamic Finance in M Block)

o   Engineering (includes Institutes of Materials, Research & Innovation and Renewable Energy & Environmental Technology)

o   Health & Human Science (includes Centre for Research for Health & Wellbeing and Worktown Studies)

o   Sports Science (includes Bolton One Sports Science Labs part of Biomedical Sports)

o   Law, Arts, Creative Technology, Education & Psychology


  • The Library (students are exempt)
  • Reprographics


What to do?

General photocopying

Please note there are excluded works – check at – and in all cases when photocopying/printing/scanning certain limits apply.

Photocopying during the collection period, should be reported following instructions that will be displayed by photocopiers and using CLA data labels contained in the top of yellow collection boxes.

Course Packs – a complete copy of any course pack should be passed to the Reprographics Unit or placed in the yellow boxes during the collection exercise with a label, as shown below, attached. The labels are available from the Reprographics Unit.



Please click here for further and latest information (on Moodle).

Thank you for your help and please address any queries to Steve Crimes (sc5) OR

Kind regards, Trevor

Trevor Hodgson
Library Manager






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